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Coffee Floats Tea Sinks by Ian Bersten is an absorbing account of five centuries of coffee history and technology - a presentation unequaled for its breadth, understanding and illustration. Coffee Floats Tea Sinks integrates technology changes with a logical explanation of the whole coffee process. Coffee Floats Tea Sinks has been written for the interested reader at all levels and includes background historical and sociological information to illustrate the increasing use of coffee in our society. In a very real sense it is a complete rewrite of the history of coffee removing myths and legends and replacing then with concrete facts.

There were books about coffee which were highly technical and informative for coffee boffins but almost useless for the ordinary reader. The author Ian Bersten started in the coffee business in 1968 and tried to read everything and talk to everybody about coffee to try to understand  what was happening. Every book was full of opinions masquerading as facts and there was confusion about many fundamentals.

The passion to learn about coffee and its origins were the start point for the largest collection of coffee antiques in the world and a very large collection of books and newspapers dating back into the 1600s. Absorbing all the information and classifying it to make sense of the coffee trade became the object of the book. The aim was that the consumer and the roaster and the seller of coffee beans could understand what was happening.

Chapters 10 and 13 in Coffee Floats Tea Sinks are essential reading for anyone in the coffee industry who wants to make intelligent decisions about roasting and brewing.

This fantastic book highlights what was part of Ian Bersten's incredible collection.

"Coffee Floats Tea Sinks is a refreshing look at the historical evolution of the coffee industry. Not since Ukers' All About Coffee was published in 1935, has such a thoroughly researched work on coffee and tea processing been put in print. Mr. Bersten both challenges and expands on many of the concepts presented in Ukers' Work. Coffee Floats Tea Sinks is a must have reference book for every serious coffee library." Ted R. Lingle

Coffee Floats Tea Sinks - Details:
ISBN 13: 9780646091808
ISBN 10: 0646091808
Format: Hard Cover
Size: 240 mm x 315 mm
Pages: 284
Images: 800+
Weight: 1750 grams 

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